MyLibyana Privacy Policy

Our dear subscriber, Libyana Mobile Phone undertakes to protect and respect your privacy . Lt will always take the arrangements necessary for preventing the unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal information. Privacy Policy: Means the available personal information and how to use, verify and update the same .As soon as you subscribed to any of our services on our websites means you acknowledge and agree clearly to apply and use the privacy policy according to the principles provided for in the privacy policy, with exception of the services and websites which have their respective privacy policy.

Personal Information

The personal information is any information or data of the subscriber as an individual that characterizes him from others such as:

  • Name, sex, date of birth, identification documents (identity card or passport or national code ...etc).
  • Information about products and services which you purchase and the selected mode of purchasing.
  • Your preferable products and services.
  • How to use our products and services including the data, date, time, period, your expenditure, details of the set, your website, search record and browsing on our website.
  • Size of use of the mobile data and information, address of Internet Protocol (IP) which we gather on visiting our website, kind and copy of the browsing user. Type of the operation system and (URL) of any websites which you use to access to our website.
  • Your communications and calls with us.
  • Information of your account such as the services which you use or any other thing related to your account.
  • Any other information which you need for provision of certain service.

If you provided us with personal information about another person which we requested for provision of whatever service, then you will be responsible for acquaintance of that person and his agreement for keeping his records with us. We will deal with the personal information according to this privacy policy as we use your personal information.

Gathering and Use of the Personal Information

We gather and use the personal information to assist us in operation of your account:

  • For verification and execution of your demands.
  • For verification that you are a registered subscriber when using our services or when communicating with Libyana Company.
  • For providing you with products and services which we offer.
  • For operation of your account with us and issue statement of consumption of your balance.
  • For improvement of our products, services and development of new products.
  • For management of our network and assistance for improvement of our network coverage.
  • For informing you of our products and services.
  • For answering to any questions or inquiries which you may have in respect of our network or products or services.
  • For compliance with applicable laws, regulations and demands of the authorities concerned with execution of the law.
  • For securing your security and security of our staff.
  • For prevention and discovery of the criminal activity, deception, abuse or damage to our services or network.
  • For carrying out statistical studies which may be in collaboration with other parties, whereas those statistics shall be without mentioning the names.
  • We may observe your application of Libyana services for quality purposes and other organizational purposes.

Disclosure of the Personal Information

We may disclose the personal information to other parties if we are acting under the duty of disclosure or exchange of personal information in compliance with any legal obligation or for protection of the property rights or safety of Libyana company or its subscribers or the like other reasons.

We may share your personal information for emergency services including your approximate website.

Libyana Mobile Phone may be under obligation to stop the services in order to comply with laws of the State or any clear instructions from the competent authorities (such as General Authority for Communications) or whenever necessary in the interest of the national security.

Direct Marketing

We may contact you from time to time through various means of communication (phone calls or Email or SMS .etc.) for presentation of the promotion offers or any object which may deserve your attention. While ensuring our endeavor to respect your personal privacy, we draw the attention to the fact that all the service messages issued by Libyana Company such as notices for recharging the balance, the services and information ¬related messages shall not be subject to interdiction.

Keeping Your Personal Information

The personal information which you have provided to Libyana Company during subscription for getting service or product shall be kept for reasonable period after expiry of the subscription. The length of such period depends of the purpose for which your private information has been gathered. For any application it was used, your personal information shall not remain for a period longer than the necessary for the commercial purpose or legal requirements.

User Name and Password

Your access to the service through entering the phone number and receiving the entry confirmation code through the same phone number, be sure that you are the actual user of the phone card. Thus Libyana Company will not bear any responsibilities for the abuse of the user's information and data in case of access to the service by third parties. In case of loss or theft of the phone card you should go to the nearest Libyana Sales Center to stop the phone card and issue a substitute for the lost one so as not to be used by third parties. We may require you from time to time to re-enter the user's name and the password for verification of your identification in order to reach to our services. You should not give the user's name and the password to any other person otherwise you will bear the full responsibility.

Protection of Your Personal Information

Libyana Company exerts its utmost effort for protection of your personal data and other information of your account. We use all the security arrangements to prevent the risks of leakage of your personal information through storage of the account details and your personal information on secured servers. Libyanan Company seeks to provide various services at stages to the user. Any new services shall be subject to the present service conditions or the conditions of the service on its provision. Libyana Company reserves its right, at any time, to amend or cancel or suspend, without prior notice, any part of the services. In any case it shall not bear any responsibility by the reason of such amendment or cancellation or stoppage or suspension of the services or any part thereof.